The following notes are unsolicited letters or notes received by Maryland Horse Fencing by various customers:

Thank you. I love the work you did.
- Jill Goodman


Thank you so much! Horses are home – much thanks to you! They love the hay – I’ll call soon to pick up more and please reserve my 400 or so bales ... Thanks again and I will talk to you soon!
- Susan


The fence looks great. Thank you so much!                       
- Clarnie Martin


... we deeply appreciate your promptness and efficiency. Your work is excellent quality. Thank you for taking care of us and finding time to fit us into your busy schedule. As always we will continue to highly recommend your company. Thank you.
- Mary Cornwell


Thank you for a job well done!
- Dab


Thank you so much for a job well done. Thanks for doing so fast too!! I will highly recommend you!                                                   
- Mary Cornwell


... I walked the entire fence line last evening and it is great! My wife and I “brag” about our new fence and your work. Many thanks for it particularly on those very hot humid days. You are definitely the person we’ll call for emergencies (which do occur) and for any future work. We’re sleeping better each night.            
- Gaylord Clark


Thanks for putting up a great fence ... I could not have thought of a better looking fence... 
- Dennis Trout


Many thanks for your kindness and wonderful work – God bless you all. 
- Love Chris


Thanks very much. I’m sure we’ll be working together in the future. Don’t work too hard. 
- Mickey


Thank you for a beautiful fence around our new pasture. The horses love it, too. Many of our neighbors have stopped to comment on the fence job and speedy installation. 
- Phyllis Klimes


Many thanks for great job on the fencing you just completed for me. Now all I need is a little bit of decent weather to get my electric wire up and my “children” can come home to live... 
- Julia Radigan